Slavko Fodor

Co-founder & CEO

Managing director at LotusFlare Serbia, ex-Facebook developer who worked on improving child safety on the social media platform, as well as its various internal review and auditing tools. Teaching assistant on multiple programming and game development courses at RAF and CET for 5 years now. On FCA responsible for code quality, software architecture and server development.

Ivan Aksentijević

Co-founder & Biz Dev

Ex-CTO and Serbia Office GM at Groundlink for 10 years, managing a 1.2 million annual IT budget, 70 engineers, and over 150 employees. CTO at Fr8Hub for 2 years, CTO at Vibe Network for 6 years, CEO at Majstori for 5 years, Program Director at Startit Startup Academy for 5 years. On FCA responsible for game and real-world economy.


Ivan Dimitrijević


over 10 years in digital marketing, Head of mobile acquisition at Scratchy, a NYC-based startup for 1 year, Director of AdTech at IAB Serbia for 2 years, Head of performance marketing at FourDots, Lecturer at a Digital Marketing Institute Dublin in Belgrade. On FCA responsible for sales and marketing strategy.

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Ognjen Lopušina

Co-founder & Creative Director

Ex-Lead UX/UI designer for GroundLink. Creative director for Teren app, a second screen/game/sports portal with 150k+ installs, Lead UX designer of Teritorio game.


Aleksandar Stančić

Lead Unity Developer

Unity3D expert, Teaching assistant on Game Development and Computer Graphics courses at RAF for 9 years, 2 years in a row winner of m:tel Challenge (2011, 2012) and 2nd place in Vip Challenge (2011). Working on FCA client development and optimization full-time.

Miljan Novčić

3D Artist & illustrator

master of all things visual, including 3d graphics, video game modelling, illustrations, animation and video production. Miljan worked for a variety of notable clients, including MTV Adria, MTS, McCann Erickson, Total TV and .ME domain.


Nikola Trivić

Server-side developer

Racunarski Fakultet class of 2014, 3rd Serbian National in Informatics – 3rd place, April 2014, Serbian National in In Informatics (Secondary technical schools competition) – 1st award, 2014, Festival of Robotics – 1st award, 2014, Tesla fest – gold medal, The 18th Moscow International Salon of Innovations „Arhimedes“ 2015 – gold medal. Responsible for FCA backend development.

Predrag Stamenković

Unity developer

Racunarski Fakultet class of 2014, Competition in Informatics: 2013, 2014; national: 3rd & 2nd award; Competing in Serbian Informatics Olympics:  2013, 2014;

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